P&Z Activity Tracker

Introducing Track-it : The Planning & Zoning Activity Tracker

Track-it : The Harford County Planning & Zoning Activity Tracker uses interactive maps to show properties that are subject to a public meeting or public hearings as part of the development process, identifying the meeting’s purpose, date, time and location. Each map has color-coded icons to match the public meeting notices physically displayed on affected properties.  

Icons are BLUE on the map for Board of Appeals hearings, RED for Development Advisory Committee meetings and BLACK for Community Input Meetings.



What can I find on Track-it?

Certain types of development proposed in Harford County are subject to a public hearing or public meeting to ensure citizens are informed, understand the proposed project, and have an opportunity to ask questions or offer comment. These include Community Input Meetings (CIM), Board of Appeals Hearings (BOA), and Development Advisory Committee Meetings (DAC). Public meeting notices are physically displayed on subject properties identifying the meeting's purpose, date, time, and location.

Track-it shows clickable locations of the public meeting signs on a county basemap. The application can be used to retrieve pertinent information regarding the meeting and contact information as well as links to the entire archive of County information related to a project, including design plans, staff reports, and memorandum.

Track-it shows projects which are considered active in the county review process. Board of Appeals cases remain on the Activity Tracker for approximately 30 days after a final decision has been rendered; CIM and DAC notifications remain on the tracker for approximately 30 days after projects are approved or otherwise no longer subject to the county review process.



Understanding the development process and public meetings

Community Input Meetings
The purpose of the community meeting is for the developer to provide information to the community regarding the proposed development and to allow citizens to ask questions and make comments and suggestions. Additional Information about Community Input Meetings

Development Advisory Committee
The Harford County Development Advisory Committee (DAC) is a review group composed of representatives of County, State, Federal and utility agencies. DAC meetings serve as a forum for the review of subdivision and site plans submitted to the Department of Planning and Zoning. Additional Information about DAC

Board of Appeals
The Board of Appeals is the Harford County Council who have delegated their authority to a Hearing Examiner.  The Hearing Examiner's decision is final unless appealed.

The duties of the Board of Appeals is to hear rezoning cases, Special Exceptions and designated Special Development cases, appeals of decisions by the Zoning Administrator, expansion of nonconforming uses and variances from requirements of the Zoning Code. Additional Information about the Board of Appeals

Where to get more information

Users are encouraged to contact the Department of Planning and Zoning for questions about the development process in Harford County or for questions in regard to a specific project found on the P&Z Activity Tracker.

Department Directory

Questions regarding the use of the P&Z Activity Tracker application can be directed to the Mapping and Data Services Division of Planning and Zoning.